Audio Infuser 4700

"Not your grandpa's stereo"

The addition of an equalizer came by chance.  I was browsing eBay for something else when I stumbled on a vintage JVC SEA-10 EQ.  I immediately knew it would be a perfect addition to the project.   I removed it from it's case and replicated the cutouts on my custom faceplate.  The 5 bands are effective for both the streaming Wi-Fi source and also the turntable.  The adjustments are also visible in the CRT visualizer, effecting the look of the low bass frequencies and highs of the treble. 

The look and feel of the adjustment dials really add to the analog feel of the device.  They click solidly between step levels, rather than gliding smoothly.  The original metal finish on the levers matches perfectly as well.

After taking apart the SEA-10, I scanned in the faceplate to provide an accurate map for how large the cutouts need to be.  I laid out my own typography and graphics for it, but used the original as a guide as well.  


JVC SEA-10 EQ photoed atop the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 amplifier. 

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by Todd Kumpf   // //   //   @toddkay