Audio Infuser 4700

"Not your grandpa's stereo"

Inspired by music that combines old and new production techniques and genres, I wanted to create a music box that embodies that same spirit.  I wanted to create something that feels raw and original but rich with features.  It started out as a simple Wi-Fi music streaming device, but quickly snowballed into something much larger in both size and scope. 



Over the course of two months or so, I began planning the features it would include and collecting the major components it would require.  Sometimes I scouted for a specific item, other times things just kind of fell into place.  The EQ, for example, was not in my original plan at all.  I happened upon it on ebay while looking for something completely different, but immediately realized it was a perfect fit.  


Most of the other components were a combination of things I already owned and items I found on craigslist and in pawn shops.  Using second-hand items is a great way to breath new life into items that would otherwise probably fall out of use.  It’s really interesting to think about the history of each component, wondering what kind of path they took in life before ultimately ending up as a piece in this puzzle.

As I collected each of the internal device, I began linking them together to form a working prototype.  I was able to plan out the general wiring and do lots of trial and error as to what works best.  In terms of hooking together these specific components, it's pretty straight forward.  Aside from the CRT oscilloscope (more on that in the Visualizer section), all the components were really meant to be hooked together through RCA audio cables.   My plan was to simply take everything out of it's case, splice some rotary switches into the RCA cables, and mount it all into a new case. 

Before settling on a case design, I went through numerous sketches and 3D mockups.  Check them out below.

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by Todd Kumpf   // //   //   @toddkay